Researchers of the PinoySpy Institute of Scandal Studies (PISS) have finally found the much-sought video of the so-called Laguna nursing dean-student college scandal, after weeks of intensive search-and-seek operations. The sex video has become a hot topic at a state college in Laguna province. It showed the school’s dean and a female student identified only as “Myrna” in a 20-minute act.
The scandal was first reported on GMA-7’s Imbestigador program hosted by Mike Enriquez, but the video was never shown on TV for obvious reasons.

PinoySpy thereafter launched Oplan Bingwit, a search-and-seek operation to get a copy of the video to further investigate the scandal and “dig deeply” into the matter.

Some PinoySpy researchers submitted a few videos which were proven to be fakes. But yesterday, the actual video has surfaced, triggering a stampede. A breakthrough was reported by agent “amatz1979” in the forum yesterday, which triggered a wave of activity in filesharing sites such as rapidshare and filecargo.
In the video, at first, the pretty nursing student appeared to resist the dean’s advances in bed, but in the end, she was “on top of the situation.” Information reaching PinoySpy says the video was recorded by the Dean using his laptop webcam.
Aside from the student in the video, another student has also come forward to complain against the dean, whom she said tried to force her to have sex but that she managed to escape. According to the the complainants, the dean, who is married, has a reputation of seducing female students at the school. The National Bureau of Investigation is said to be on the case.

Because the video is very controversial, since it involved a college dean and students in the school, PinoySpy Tabloid editors have decided not to post the download links or the more salacious screenshots. But members of the forum were advised to “provide assistance” to those who want to know “the truth” about the sex scandal, “for education purposes only.”

PinoySpy is encouraging concerned citizens to provide more information regarding the nursing dean-student scandal so as to prevent such scandals from taking place, because scandals like this do not help the image of Filipina nursing students.
The dean involved in the scandal video is being contacted to air his side on the issue.