(PinoySpy News Service) — Thinking the tricycle was filled with NPA guerillas, a Philippine Air Force Huey helicopter targets the three-wheeled vehicle in an apparent suicide kamikaze mission. But news reports say the crash was an accident, and the Philippine Air Force has grounded its aging fleet of 41 Huey helicopters, which were given by the Americans after surviving the Vietnam war in the 70s.

Nine people, obviously including the passengers of the tricycle, were killed in the crash landing in this village in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines.


“This is extreme bad luck. Imagine riding a tricycle on the way to the market, when boom! A helicopter crash lands on top of the tricycle. Only in the Philippines!,” said a member of the PinoySpy Chess Club.

PinoySpy congratulates the Philippine Air Force for grounding the choppers and preventing more crash landings on tricycles.