In the Western media, the common portrayal of the Philippines is in these images:
1) Payatas, smokey mountain, slums, urban filth
2) Red light districts and prostitution
3) Crime, kidnappings, armed encounters
4) Maids, domestics, cheap labor
5) Disasters, people needing help and aid
And lately, Filipinos have been feeding international media with a new dirty image for the Philippines: killings
The fact is, those images perpetuate the impression of the Philippines as a f****d up country with beautiful and hospitable people who will welcome Westerners with smiles despite their regardless.
The Filipinos love that. They revel in it, and they are proud of it, and have embraced it as their identity. They believe that as long as they have that smile, it doesn’t matter that their country is f****d up.
That has got to change.