Jover Claudio, a virtually unknown law student in the Philippines, became an instant celebrity after it was found out that she was the one who was publishing and writing the posts on  anti-Duterte blog Pinoy Ako Blog or PAB.

Seven Philippine Senators have been trying to find out who was behind the allegedly libelous post on PAB that called them with unsavory names for allegedly refusing to sign a Senate resolution that condemned the death of some minors in the hands of policemen.

It was only after another blogger. RJ Nieto of the popular ThinkingPinoy newsblog, discovered and named Jover as the person behind PAB, that everything came to light.

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It turned out that Jover has also allegedly wrote slanderous posts against other pro-Duterte bloggers, Duterte administration officials and anybody who had expressed support for Duterte or criticized the opposition and Liberal Party members.

Later on, photos of Jover posing with known Liberal Party politicians and supporters became viral, indicating that Jover had strong connections with the political opposition which had been accused of destabilizing the government.

This was confirmed when an Aquino administration official, former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, offered to become Jover’s legal counsel. TindigPilipinas, an alliance composed mostly of Liberal Party members and former Aquino officials, also issued a statement defending Jover.

Only hours after Jover admitted she was behind PAB — as outed by Nieto — Jover got wide media mileage by appearing in an interview on Rappler and  even on the BBC.

Pundits said this only confirmed that powerful and well connected people were backing up Jover, only validating suspicions that the Liberal Party has a hand in the non-stop personal attacks of PAB against Duterte, pro-Duterte personalities and anti-Liberal Party personalities,

Jover Laurio has continued posting in PAB and vowed to sue some people for bashing her online, even she herself is facing a lawsuit from another blogger, LBGT Sass Sassot who accused Jover of maligning her as an “international prostitute.”

Sassot  launched a “Call for Justice” fundraising campaign to support her legal action against Jover Laurio. Her fundraising campaign garnered close to $12,000 in only 12 hours.

But Jover Laurio might face more lawsuits and investigations than she can imagine. An aggrieved Sen. Tito Sotto has asked the NBI to investigate 5 more people who might be connected to the malicious posts coming from PinoyAkoBlog.

Manila Times columnist and ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao said this was not first time that the Liberal Party used anonymous attacks against its detractors.