Using algorithms found in scrolls beneath the Binondo church, a Filipino mathematician has cracked a secret code and revealed that Manny Pacquiao, now considered a diety by Filipinos, is the anti-christ!

Known only as Pepe Alas, the codebreaker posted an analysis at of the recent Manny Pacquiao – Erik Moralez Trilogy Finale match, and concluded:

Omigosh. Manny Pacquiáo is the antichrist.

How did Skirmisher’s Pepe Alas arrive at the mathematical calculation? He says:

And it was their THIRD match.

Pacquiáo made Morales kiss the floor THREE times.

And the referee decided to stop the match on the THIRD round.

Third match. Three rounds. Three exciting knockouts. That’s 3 3 3. And the Filipino boxer won over the Mexican loser 2 times.

333 x 2 = 666!


PinoySpy Tabloid has formed a team of investigative journalists to follow this lead, as his findings contradicted the predictions of Spy Lolo, PinoySpy’s in-house sleuth, that Manny Pacquiao will become the next Saint Lorenzo Ruiz.

See image SpyLolo’s photographic analysis below, showing a similarity between Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Manny Pacquiao:



SpyLolo: It’s not enough that we make a statue for Manny Pacquiao, we should submit his canonization at the Vatican. Compare his picture with Saint Lorenzo Ruiz. Is that what you can call an anti-christ? Manny Pacquiao looks like an angel. Kulang na lang, wings.