Yes, mga apo! Meron nang TV Program ang PinoySpy, following the success of our Radio Station. Watch

Latest episodes will be shown on frontpage of and

PSTV is looking for talents!
* Comedy (standup comedy – kung marunong kayo magpatawa)
* Dancing (serious or crazy)
* Singing – (serious or crazy)
* News reading – (serious or crazy)
* Talk Show – You can create your own script (serious or crazy)
* Anything worth watching

Upload your video on YouTube then send us the embed code. We will include your video in our programming schedule. To qualify, you should make it known that it’s for PinoySpy TV either by:

* Saying it on video
* Showing “PinoySpy” written on paper or anything (can be you wearing a self-designed PinoySpy shirt)

Be a star! Get discovered! PinoySpy TV!