Don’t look now, but PinoySpy economic researchers are predicting a surge in tourism to Philippine beach resorts such as Boracay — thanks to sexy pictures of Filipina babes in bikinis that are circulating on the Internet.

“Yes, our Pinay bikini babes are contributing to the economy. They are not just pretty faces and sexy bodies, they are in fact the country’s ambassadors” said an exclusive report by the PinoySpy Institute of Economics.

The PinoySpy report added: “Sexy pictures of Filipina babes in beaches and resorts in the Philippines, which are posted on MySpace, Multiply, Friendster, and are attracting interest in our beach resorts and this translates to potential income from travel and tourism.”

“This proves that Filipina women, while they may fail as presidents, are a pillar of our economic growth and progress, and they should be protected from slutty scandals.”

In fact, PinoySpy has learned that Lucio Tan’s Air Philippines has brought three Bombardier Q300 new planes, and the first one to arrive will be used to carry passengers to central Caticlan town, the gateway to the resort island of Boracay.

This development supports PinoySpy findings that tourism in Boracay is booming because of these photos (samples below):

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(for thousands of Boracay pictures, go to and search for “Boracay”)

In fact there is a video (PLAY BELOW) promoting travel and tourism to the Philippines using images of these bikini babes and hotties.

Ang Ganda ng Pilipinas video

Byahe Tayo nang Makita ang Ganda ng Pilipinas!