A photo of Erik Santos riding piggyback on Piolo Pascual purportedly taken in San Francisco, California had been ‘photoshopped’ to maliciously imply a romantic relationship between the two.

Apparently, the fake picture was doctored by removing another person who was in the original photo, Toni Gonzaga.

The fake photo:

The original photo:

Earlier, a photo showing Piolo Pascual and PinoyBigBrother housemate Sam Milty holding hands was circulated on the net. It turned out this was also photoshopped.

PinoySpy sources said the Piolo Pascual-Sam Milby holding hands picture was photoshopped by an ad agency artist. Information says that in the original photo, Rica Peralejo was in between Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby.

Piolo Pascual has long been the subject of internet rumors that he is gay, and there was even a gay sex video purportedly showing him and a male lover.

Apparently, none of these photos and videos have turned out to be genuine.

Is Piolo Pascual gay? We will discover on the next issue of PinoySpy Exposed.