Philippine Na­tional Police (PNP) Chief Direc­tor General Oscar Cal­deron yesterday sacked a junior female police officer working in his office after learning that she had posted very revealing photos on her Friendster account.

The lady cop with the rank of Police Officer 2 and known only as Queen Rubie on Friendster has been placed on “floating status” pending investigation for  grave misconduct and conduct unbecoming an officer.

The root of the controversy are pictures on her Friendster profile showing her wearing a red bra, and other pictures showing her on a Philippine National Police uniform. 

Her troubles began when a parent, who accidentally saw the photos being browsed by her son on Friendster, alerted the PNP.

One of the photos had the caption “may ipagmamalaki ba?”

There are two Friendster accounts claiming to be that of Queen Rubie.

One Friendster account showed the photo of a ‘red bra’ below:

Another Friendster account contained more photos, including one (below) captioned “May ipagmamalaki ba”. This second account has 28 friends and people commenting on the decision of the PNP to sack the “sexy” female cop.

Quoting some comments:

Lito, of Edmonton: Ala ako makitang malaswa sa mga pics mo. As everybody said, you have the right attire kc nasa beach ka naman. Dapat ang ang kasuhan ay ang mother ng bata na pabaya sa anak nya dahil hinahayaan nyang mag-surf sa net sa mga sites na hindi naman pambata! Fight for your rights! Dapat naisip nila na meron ka rin private life at meron ka rin rights na mag beach!

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PinoySpy agents are gathering more information on this case. Updated will be posted on the forum.