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*Following recent rumors that Kim Kardashian was dating “One Tree Hill”Michael Copon, Life & Style is reporting that she has been getting close with Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend and babydaddy, Gabriel Aubry. Us Weekly also reports that Kim and Gabriel recently attended a Lakers game together, where an onlooker described them as “definitely flirty.” Halle and […]

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Do you really know why Kim Kardashian is so popular? Is Kardashian’s fame due to her natural talent or a result of being born into the Kardashian clan Well being from the Kardashian family was no doubt of benefit to Kim. So how are we to to judge if Kardashian has any talent or not? Additionally did Kardashian’s sex tape create most of her fame and does that blot her in some way? It’s also remarkable that while many people believe Kim’s looks are great, many also think she is not charming so that may act against her.

The Kardashian family may not come from talented roots but they do have a history of mixing with other celebrities. Kim Kardashian’s parents were close friends with OJ Simpson for example. Robert Kardashian was the lawyer for OJ Simpson during his much publicised murder trial and after the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. It was well reported that Kris Kardashian was a close friend of Nicole Brown Simpson.

The divorce of Kim Kardashian’s parents didn’t seem to have that much effect on Kim’s life and her mother Kris Kardashian got married with another person named Bruce Jenner. Bruce is a well known face as a former Olympic gold medalist who also performs in reality TV shows. Jenner also shoots for Playgirl magazines and appears on cereal boxes, so he knows how to deal with media. Jenner also stars on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

If you decide to take a more detailed look at the Kardashians it is very easy – watch their reality TV series!. What I have learned from this reality show is, Kim Kardashian has got four sisters – Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie. Also Kim’s mother, Kris Kardashian doesn’t seem to be very actively involved in shaping the direction of Kim’s career. From the series, it is easy to see that Kris is more interested about photo shoots involving her daughters than any artistic work which they are involved with. Kris is monitoring minor details while Kim appears to be looking at the larger picture. At times, Kim’s stepfather Bruce seemed quite concerned about the activities of the daughters around the house but mostly doesn’t say much about it. So we can rule out the influence of her family in shaping Kim to be a celebrity super star, if anything Kim has taken them with her on the ride to fame.

Kim Kardashian’s popularity and public profile greatly increased after her sex video with the rapper Ray J was released. After it’s release the video spread all over the internet very quickly. Kardashian’s first reaction was to deny she was involved in the sex tape in any way. Later, after the video was rapidly moving around the Internet Kardashian had to confess her involvement. Vivid Entertainment, the company who released the tape made Kim Kardashian to file suit against the them claiming the proprietor of the sex video. Ultimately Kim made a deal of five million dollars with them for the sex video. I’ll say it was a good business for a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, getting paid for a self-promotional video, which raised her media profile greatly.

invitation from the playboy magazine to pose in the nude photo shoots and she agreed. The outcome even surprised Kim Kardashian herself as she never thought of being the cover page girl of Playboy magazine 2007 December release. Another interesting fact about Kim Kardashian which helped raise her media profile is that she is a former friend of another Hollywood hottie Paris Hilton. Paris and Kim were frequently seen together, partying at new nightclubs and hanging out. Eventually the two decided to stop seeing each other. There were rumors in the press that Paris was envious of Kim but it can’t be said with any certainty. It is a curious chapter in the Kim Kardashian story, how she went from being friends with Paris Hilton to being rivals.

So there you have some information as to why Kim Kardashian has garnered so much media attention and fame. Kardashian is still heavily promoting herself and various products so we will continue to see her for a while yet!

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