In Angono, Rizal (Philippines), a 22-year-old jobless man was arrested by police this week for leaking a video of him and his ex-girlfriend having sex in a friend’s house.

The complainant, a certain “Jhonna”, alleged that the suspect, Archie Cabrera, had been bragging to friends that they had sex recently and was showing them a video clip taken with a cellphone camera.

Cabrera was charged with violation of Sec. 1 Paragraph 3 Article 201of RPC as amended by PD 960 or Immoral Doctrines, Obscene Publication and Exhibition and Indecent Show.

Investigation showed that Cabrera and his ex-girlfriend met at a common friend’s house where they were separately invited  to come over. The victim said she didn’t know Cabrera would be at their friend’s house.

At the house, Cabrera and Jhonna were left alone when their friends excused themselves to go out to buy something from the store. Now alone with his ex-girlfriend, the suspect allegedly made threats against Jhonna unless she agreed to have sex with him.

While they were in the act, Cabrera allegedly taped the sex scene using his cellphone’s video camera without the knowledge of the victim.

Days later, Jhonna heard from friends that Cabrera was showing them the video clips on her cellphone, which prompted her to file a complaint with the police.