Photos allegedly taken from private video taken by Dr. Hayden Kho and actress Rufa (Ruffa) Mae Quinto have begun circulating on the Net, fueling another round of buzz on the much-hyped Hayden Kho sex scandal, the biggest to rock Asia’s high society-celebrity world this year. One photo shows Ruffa Mae in pink tops, which is not really scandalous considering that the actress has been flaunting her body on pictorials and TV. But does a Ruffa Mae-Hayden video really exist? See one of photos below:

Is this the real deal? Or just a figment of the public's wild imagination?

Is this the real deal? Or just a figment of the public's wild imagination?

Why is the Rufa Mae – Hayden Kho one of the most awaited videos in the “Haydengate” scandal?

Rufa Mae was once romantically linked to Sen. Bong Revilla, a former actor. Revilla was the one who delivered a privilege speech attacking Dr. Hayden Kho for recording his trysts with different women, including actress Katrina Halili, and fellow doctors Vicky Belo and Maricar Reyes.

Some kibitzers believe that Revilla preempted the release of the Rufa Mae – Hayden Kho video with his privilege speech and subsequent exposes identifying the source of the videos and warning Philippine citizens against distributing copies of the Hayden videos.

A video allegedly that of Rufa Mae Quinto naked in bed listening to a CD player has surfaced, but video analysts at the investigation forum have ruled it as a hoax. The woman looked like Rufa Mae Quinto, but she had a different build and looked Middle Eastern. [See the video file being discussed and analyzed.]
The Video File: Download link found
Actual screenshots from the look-alike video and file download links have been posted by a website called FleshAsiaDaily on their blog [] (Adult warning).
Ruffa Mae Quinto laughs off video.
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Was Rufa Mae ever romantically involved with Hayden Kho?

Reports say Rufa Mae and Hayden Kho had an affair after Hayden’s relationship with Katrina Halili, a relationship that caused Hayden’s breakup with his longtime lover Dr. Vicky Belo, the country’s most prominent cosmetic surgeon.

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