Another news tidbit on Sex Scandals… Here’s what we picked up from the headlines

Department takes action after waitress reveals officers had sex with Spearmint Rhino strip club workers at police union hall. Two Rialto police officers have quit and four others have been severely disciplined after an internal investigation was completed into allegations that they had sex with strip club workers at police union headquarters, the chief said Friday.

Read more…. 2 Rialto officers quit, 4 punished in sex scandal

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[What’s a sex scandal? A sex scandal is a scandal involving allegations or information about possibly-immoral sexual activities being made public. — Wikipedia Sex Scandal page

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Farrell in sex scandal!
Sex Scandal
Image by Iain Farrell
The truth’s out, I wanted to hide it but I couldn’t 🙁

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The Young Turks discuss Youth Pastor Sex Scandal. Hosted by Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jill Pike. Watch live from 6-9AM ET on Listen from 6-9AM ET on Air America Radio.
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