maui-scandal-photoA whole collection of scandalous photos of actress Maui Taylor has been uploaded and has begun spreading on the Web, showing her not only naked but also in a sex act with an unknown male partner. The Philippine public, still reeling from the Dr.  Hayden Kho celebrity scandals is now looking for downloads of the scandal photos.

The Maui Taylor scandal photos surfaced on an Asian girls website and a couple of forums, just as Maui Taylor was charged in Cebu for allegedly staging a “pornographic and indecent show” in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

The set of photos even showed Maui shaving her privates on a monoblock chair, and engaging her partner in oral sex. It also included close up photos of the private parts.

Blue Coral
Some of the photos were allegedly taken at the Blue Coral Beach Resort in San Juan Laiya town, Batangas province south of Manila. Blue Coral is a favorite destination of celebrities, including Maui Taylor, who is shown posing in the lobby in the photo gallery (photo gallery link) of the resort’s website (

Some photos (censored)

A censored version of one of the photos

A censored version of one of the photos


Maui, 2 others charged for indecent show in Cebu
SunStar Cebu reported on May 14, 2009, that prosecutors found probable cause to charge Maui — real name is Maureen Anne Rodriguez Taylor — and two other Manila-based entertainers – Jennifer Lee and Paolo Paraiso – and the organizers of the of “Pump ‘N Summer” show of violating Provincial Ordinance 2005-18 or the Women Development Code of Cebu Province. The charges were filed by Gov. Gwen Garcia.

The ordinance states that any person or agency (that) engages in shows depicting women as sex objects in private or in public places for commercial or under scandalous circumstances shall violate women’s rights.

But the accused entertainers said the submitted against them failed to establish that they have conducted any scandalous, vulgar, indecent or lewd fashion show. The event took place at a beach resort last Black Saturday.