Here’s the latest Sex Scandal news.

April E. Seville, 35, has been sent behind bars for three years for having sex with her 16-year-old student. read more

Read more…. Teacher sex scandal results in three-year sentence

Can’t wait to hear what happens next….

[What’s a sex scandal? A sex scandal is a scandal involving allegations or information about possibly-immoral sexual activities being made public. — Wikipedia Sex Scandal page

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SSSS Dec 06 2009
Sex Scandal
Image by yuko chan
Super Seaweed Sex Scandal
Sunday December 6th 9pm at ABC No Rio

click our link – to watch full video TS Ranjitha & Coach MK Kaushik SEX SCANDAL Indian Women Hockey plunged to a new low with the allegation of sex scandal involving the hockey officials. Especially, the photos of one of the officials in a compromising position with some girls are being circulated on the internet. The girls in the pictures are not Northeast girls, they are “Chinese Call girls”, the officials have confirmed.They have fired the official in question- the videographer of the team during the tour of China.
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