PinoySpy Tabloid has A1 information that the woman shown in a sex scandal video circulating on the Net with the title “Assumption Scandal” or “University of Assumption scandal” has recently attempted suicide and is now in the intensive care unit (ICU) at an undisclosed hospital (in the Philippines).

Our source said he visited the girl at the hospital after being contacted by the sex scandal victim’s brother. Why was he contacted? He was running a website that plays the video of the Assumption sex scandal. (Because we protect our sources, we will not provide the link to that website; they have removed the video), The source said he felt sorry that he was “some part responsible for having her scandal posted.”

I say they go after the person(s) who took the video and leaked it out. The Assumption Scandal has spread in yahoo groups, news groups and forums. It’s on rapidshare, megaupload and countless other file-hosting sites.

There are even unscrupulous individuals who sell these scandal videos in DVD (some even on eBay and Bidshot!), or by collecting membership fees from people who want to get access to these sex scandal files via download (there are a number of paysites built around these Filipino sex scandals, turning these poor victims into amateur porn stars).

The PinoySpy Institute of Scandal Studies (PISS) is investigating this matter. PinoySpy tackles topics on privacy and security as they relate to today’s technologies, such as mobile cameras, spy cameras and surveillance cameras. We expose these issues to highlight the threats posed by high technology on our privacy.

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Dapat magsilbi itong leksyon at babala. The only way to stop these scandals is to STOP PRODUCING them. The only way to stop corruption is to stop being corrupt; do not blame the public when news of your corruption leaks out — this goes the same with sex scandals. STOP USING CAMERAS DURING SEX, for Booba’s sake! You are not pornstars!