1e1A set of pictures showing a young man who looks like the late Francis Magalona with an attractive girl had been leaked, eliciting mixed reactions from people who saw the images. The reactions ranged from disbelief, skepticism to disappointment. Image experts say the male person in these photos could be a look-alike though eeriely he does look so much like Francis M., who had eight children with actress Pia Arroyo. Could this person be just a look alike of Francis Magalona, or is the real Master Rapper? See two of the pictures below:

Magalona laptop stolen:
The images started spreading after the reported burglary in the Magalona household in an alleged “inside job”. Stolen were Magalona’s Mac notebook computer and his cellphone. Pia Arroyo appealed for the return of the computer “no questions asked” and promised a reward. She said she wasn’t much concerned about the cost of the stolen computer but “there are things there that are just for the family.”

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Complete set of photos beign analyzed
The set of photos include a supposed invitation to the christening of their daughter Gale Francesca dated Dec, 28, 2008. Based on the invitation, the name of the woman was a certain Abegail Rait.)

The complete set of photos are being analyzed for authenticity by image experts at this investigation forum. See Secrets of FRANCIS M