A shocking news from Jerusalem: Israeli President ‘a rapist and a pervert’

Disgraced Israeli President Moshe Katsav with his wife in a file photo.

A FORMER secretary to outgoing Israeli President Moshe Katsav labelled him yesterday “a pervert and serial sex offender” who raped her in the presidential office several times.
The woman, identified only as A., the initial of her first name, was speaking at an emotional press conference after Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz announced that rape charges in this and other cases against Katsav had been dropped in a plea bargain agreement.

Katsav submitted his resignation last night as part of the plea bargain

The news report continues:

A. said Katsav had become increasingly bold with her as he promoted her into closer physical proximity to his office until he finally made her “a sex slave”.

He began exposing his genitals to her, she said, and “threatened to ruin my life” when she stayed away from work following the first such incident.

One day, she said, when they were alone in his office, he held both her hands with one of his and stripped her. “I tried to move away but it was no good. He committed full sexual intercourse.”
This was repeated, she said, on three or four occasions.

A., a single woman aged about 30, said she had neither the physical nor mental ability to stop him.

This news reminds us of former US President Bill Clinton, who had to apologize to the American public after a White House intern claimed she gave oral sex to Clinton in a White House office, and showing a stained skirt as evidence.