“We can get any file we want.”

This was the statement made by a security firm which worked two weeks to discover security flaws in Apple’s iPhone, which enabled a hacker to access the owner’s text messages, phonebook, call history  and voicemail information even without touching the phone.

Independent Security Evaluators, a computer protection consultancy, said its engineers found a way to access an iPhone remotely using the phone’s wireless internet system. The flaw was discovered after examining the way the iPhone connects to the internet.

“There are also suggestions that hackers could make expensive phone calls at the owner’s expense, or to turn the iPhone into a remote surveillance device”, reports  Bobbie Johnson of the Guardian News Service.

But the Chinese are better — they actually made a clone of the iPhone, called the M8, manufactured by a Chinese tech firm Meizu. And some reviews point out that M8 has superior hardware than the iPhone.


Features of the M8:

– 3 inch 260k QVGA touchscreen
– 1.3 mega pixel camera
– microSD support
– stereo speakers
– measures 107 x58.5×16.9 mm
– weighs 93 grams