Another news tidbit on Sex Scandal…? Here’s what we picked up from the headlines

Department takes action after waitress reveals officers had sex with Spearmint Rhino strip club workers at police union hall. Two Rialto police officers have quit and four others have been severely disciplined after an internal investigation was completed into allegations that they had sex with strip club workers at police union headquarters, the chief said Friday.

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Does that surprise you?

[What’s a sex scandal? A sex scandal is a scandal involving allegations or information about possibly-immoral sexual activities being made public. — Wikipedia Sex Scandal page

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“Sexy Noise” by Super Seaweed Sex Scandal
Sex Scandal
Image by yuko chan
Very good good album!! I did the cover art.
excerpt from Downtown Music Gallery review:

Hands down, one of the hottest young groups in New York at the moment!!! SSSS is an exciting and fun sextet consisting of Nonoko Yoshida – alto sax, John Stanesco – tenor sax, Paul Wheeler – guitar, Borey Shin – accordion, Joe Merolla – bass, and Justin Veloso – drums. My initial thoughts when I first saw them live were that they were taking cues from Naked City’s jump cut style with an added array of musical influences leaning heavier on the jazz side of town. Now, while I listen their debut recording I can clearly hear some broader inspirations serving as motivation to create such a beautiful beast that they can call their own. The psychedelic carnival ride they bring you on is powerfully tight, but with a playful loose vibe that breathes life into the music, making this compelling music conjure up a scenarios of old Coney Island freak shows. Nicely mixed with the stereo pan of guitar and sax for much clearer and insightful listening experience. The down side to this recording is that is it is only 21 minutes long, which will leaving you only fiending for more! I fully admit, I’m impressed with the final product and the live band. Definitely a very inspired kick in the ass for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! -Chuck Bettis/DMG

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In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal

The belief that Thomas Jefferson had an affair and fathered a child (or children) with slave Sally Hemings—and that such an allegation was proven by DNA testing—has become so pervasive in American popular culture that it is not only widely accepted but taught to students as historical fact. But as William G. Hyland Jr. demonstrates, this “fact” is nothing more than the accumulation of salacious rumors and irresponsible scholarship over the years, much of it inspired by political grudges,

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