Imbestigador scandal

A man who was involved in the taping and distribution of a private sex video of him and a woman has been arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation. The case was featured on GMA-7’s Imbestigador TV program on June 20, 2009. A link to the download of the video in 3gp format appeared on an popular internet forum immediately after the airing of the TV program.

The suspect appeared to have been beaten up when presented by the NBI. Information gathered say that the suspect was a former lover and tried to blackmail the victim.

Meanwhile, a Friendster account showing the personal photos and details of the victim had been found ( Apparently, this Friendster account was created by the suspect to malign the victim.

The girl is said to be a foreign exchange teller in Trinoma, hence the more popular name for this video — the Trinoma Scandal — according to sources.