Slovenian import Tina Somelic doesn’t care getting naked or undressing inside the Bahay ni Kuya in ABS-CBN’s PinoyBigBrother.

In a published interview, Tina Semolic told a Pinoy gay showbiz reporter that in the Slovenia’s version of BigBrother, nudity is not prohibited (therefore, is allowed) even while the camera’s inside BigBrother’s house are rolling.

(Photo: Tina Somelic gives a preview of her camel toe. Definitely, ABS-CBN is exploiting sex to boost the ratings of PinoyBigBrother)

“Kahit nga ang pagme-make love, kahit alam na pinanonood sila ng televiewers, is neither a problem,” the gay columnist reports.

Tina Semolic (not Tina Somelic) said she’s liberated and therefore doesn’t find anything wrong in “going all the way” inside the PinoyBigBrother house for the benefit of the Filipino male population.

In an interview, ipinahayag ni Tina Semolic na ’di bawal sa mga housemate sa Slovenian version ng PBB ang maghubad, kahit pa alam nilang kinukunan sila ng kamera.

In the Slovenian BigBrother, two housemates have been caught by camera having sex. The guy was evicted, while the girl was made to undergo a pregnancy test, which turned out to be negative.

Tina Somelic is a welcome addition to PinoyBigBrother, according to taxi drivers interviewed by the PinoySpy reportorial team.

“Dapat dyan maghubad sa Bahay ni Kuya, kundi isoli nila pera namin. Kung hindi maghuhubad yang si Tina Slovenia, umuwi na sya sa Russia!” says 45-year-old Manong Boy, a taxi driver who always watches PBB while driving.

Already, the MTRCB is worried about what Tina Somelic will do inside the PinoyBigBrother, that she might get naked or nude, or worse have sex with the male housemates.

PinoySpy conservatives are hoping she will not get pregnant.