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The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said today his office was starting a preliminary examination of possible war crimes by North Korea.

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Kijongdong, Demilitarized Zone, North Korea
North Korea
Image by yeowatzup
The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the 4km wide buffer zone separating North and South Korea is rather ironically, anything but demilitarized. Both countries are still technically at war, the ceasefire and armistice that ended the fighting were never followed with a formal peace treaty.

On the North Korea side of the DMZ lies the Potemkin village of Kijongdong, a collection of empty buildings the outside world refers to as "Propaganda Village". The world’s tallest flagpole (160m) stands at the entrance to Kijongdong, the result of a rather meaningless contest between both the North and the South. There’s a similar flagpole in the village of Daesongdong, on the South Korea administered side of the DMZ. Both parties extended the flagpole on their side of the DMZ repeatedly to outdo the other.

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