Pope says use technology for good, not bad scandals

Pope says use technology for good, not for bad things

Pope Benedict XVI says that the Internet technology has brought about change in the way information is distributed and how people relate to each other. He urged young people to use the potential of the Internet ” to build a better world through bonds of friendship and solidarity.”

The Pope’s message contrasts to what Catholics are doing: spreading sex scandals and talking about scandals, in the media and in the Internet as if it was everything that mattered.

The Pope said: “”Employ these new technologies to make the Gospel known, so that the Good News of God’s infinite love for all people will resound in new ways across our increasingly technological world.”

The pope’s message was in time for the World Communications Day on Sunday. It hopes to make an impact on how young people use internet technology amid the rampant abuse of the internet for spreading immoral and scandalous behavior and language not limited to download of scandals and posting of scandalous videos in Youtube.