Karen Pence, wife of Rep. Mike Pence and a member of Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, wrote this article for The Journal Gazette:

Go tobacco-free and save your lungs

There is rare promising news to share this year in the area of lung cancer. Rates are finally starting to decline in men and hold steady in women – possibly due to residual effects of smoking patterns shifting, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health and others.

Despite this encouraging news, the death toll from lung cancer is still alarmingly high. It is the deadliest cancer in the United States and will kill more people this year than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney cancers and melanoma combined. In fact, my mother and grandmother suffered from lung cancer.

Lung cancer is expected to kill 160,390 Americans in 2007. In Indiana alone, lung cancer is estimated to affect 5,210 people by the end of this year, with nearly 3,800 dying from the disease.

This is enough warning for smokers to stop their deadly habit, before they get smoking cancers.

November 17th marked World Lung Cancer Day.