kc-concepcion-2Now there’s wild talk that Dr. Hayden “Hunk” Kho has a hidden cam video of baby-faced KC Concepcion, the stepdaughter of Philippine Senator Francisco “Kiko” Pangilinan and daughter of “megastar” Sharon Cuneta.

At the same time, a tabloid reported that a woman who was in one of Hayden Kho’s sex videos, has attempted suicide and is now in an undisclosed hospital in Manila.

The alleged video, now reportedly circulating in multimedia cellphones and a hot topic on morning radio, showed KC Concepcion naked while undergoing a body scrub at the clinics of the Belo Medical Group.

KC Concepcion, a commercial model and bit actress, is a regular patron of the Belo, where Dr. Kho worked as an associate cosmetic surgeon, but more of as a lover to its owner, Dr. Vicky Belo, the country’s acclaimed “doctor to the stars.”

KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho at The Fort
TV talk show host Lolit Solis told Inquirer that “Concepcion and Kho met at the Embassy Bar in The Fort, Taguig and they were often seen talking there.” But she says KC won’t fall for Hayden because she’s not into good-looking men. [Read story]
KC Concepcion: Victim of nasty rumors, or victim of Hayden Kho?

KC Concepcion: Victim of nasty rumors, or victim of Hayden Kho?

Hayden Kho has established a reputation of carrying a hidden camera (thus he is called “Hayden cam”) to record his sexual trysts and possibly even his patients. He also has a reputation of “bedding” almost every woman he encounters, mostly in his medical practice and going around the social circles.

Hayden’s girl attempts suicide, says tabloid

Read: Hayden’s girl tries to kill self (Peoples Journal, Alvin Murcia)

Another Senate brouhaha?
With her stepdaughter now the subject of these persistent rumors, will Sen. Pangilinan turn this into another publicity stunt to make some noise, in the same way Sen. Bong Revilla did in the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili circus?

Wild text messages
Text messages spreading like wildfire claim that:

  • A daughter of a singer-actress has a sex video with Hayden Kho
  • The stepfather of this girl has shelled out a big amount to stop the release of the video