An “I love you” text message received by a 23-year-old married woman on her cellphone sent her husband to a jealous rampage, resulting in the woman almost being beaten to death in their Pasay City home.

The victim, identified by police as Sheena Balondo, suffered serious injuries after being slapped, kicked, punched by and her head banged on the wall by her husband Roman Balondo, 26, at their apartment on 118-A Twin Pioneer St., Don Carlo Village.

Alarmed neighbors came to her rescue and brought her almost lifeless to the Pasay City General Hospital, as her husband left their home in a fit of blind rage.

Reports said the incident was triggered by a text (SMS) message received by the victim on her cellphone at around 11:30 pm on Wednesday, shortly after the couple arrived home from a drinking party which the husband attended.

Police reports said the cellphone was on the table when it alerted a text message. The husband rushed to get the cellphone to check it out, and found a message that read: “I miss you and I love you”. The sender had no name, meaning it was not on the phone’s address book.

The suspect confronted her wife and demanded to know who the sender was, but the victim denied knowing who it was and suggested it could have been a “stray message” or a “missend,” using texters’ lingo.

This send the husband in a blind fit of rage, as he attacked his wife whom he suspected of carrying an affair with the still unknown sender of the “I miss you and I love you” message.