White Castle Girl Video, via PinoySpyTV

A contestant in the White Castle Girl contest gets shock of her life when this white horse kicks her in the butt, sending her flying off the screen.

The contest is a search by ABS-CBN for the next model for White Castle Whiskey, whose trademark TV commercial shows a girl in bikini riding a white stallion along the beach. Previous White Castle girls included starlets Lyka Ugarte, Ma. Christina Gonzales and Glydel Mercado.

In this TV interview, she recalls that Kodak moment when she got booted out of the camera by the naughty White Castle horse.

The contestant, Louvelle of Cebu, recalled that the director had called on the assistant to move the horse, and because she was behind the horse, she got a kick when her body got in contact with the horse’s tail.

“Hindi ako aware na na-move na yung kabayo, kaya di ako nakapag-adjust. (I wasn’t aware that the horse was moving, and I wasn’t able to adjust),” she says.

The video clearly shows that the horse’s view was blocked by the shirtless male assistant, and apparently by instict, the horse kicked back when it sensed that somebody was getting too close behind — and it turned out to be the poor long-haired petite model in red bikini.

What was her first reaction?

“Na-shock ako, nagulat talaga, kasi parang unexpected.”

Did it hurt?

She said the first kick hit her the hardest. She didn’t feel the pain until minutes later.

“Masakit talaga, nag-numb.”

Does she regret having joined the contest?

“Hindi naman, kasi naghahanap ng challenge, na-challenge ako, kaya ayun, nasipa.”