has been offline due to weather-related technical difficulties in the datacenter of the network hosting Here is the latest update:

At 10:00PM (4-14-2007), the Datacenter lost power to all racks in SR02 and 5 racks in SR01, and one rack in SR03. This was due to a power transfer from generator to utility due to inclement weather in the DFW area. During the transfer, a 2500amp breaker failed placing all power on UPS backup power. After roughly 30 minutes on battery backup, power to the specified datacenters began to go offline. Electricians are onsite replacing the 2500amp main breaker with a cold swap spare kept onsite. ETA has been set to a maximum of 2 hours. We expect this situation to be resolved by 12:00AM CST. The emergency reponse team is onsite to bring servers and services affected back online when power is restored. is not affected by this issue. Only the websites, including the PinoySpy forum, are affected.