Noning Antonio of Bleacher Report asks: Will Oscar De la Hoya End Up Like Roy Jones?

With the outcome of the fight between Roy Jones and Joe Calzaghe, last Saturday night—evidently Jones was caught up with his age and drop to a unanimous decission loss with the undefeated Welshman retaining his linear light Heavyweight crown.

The loss of Jones, was clearly attributed to his growing age and because and now lot of critics are looking on the upcoming fight of Oscar de la Hoya and pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao, dubbed as the “dream Match” before the year ends.

We all know that dela Hoya is older than Pacquiao, and many boxing analyst noted the golden boy’s weaknesses in terms of his stamina, his ability to absorb body shots, and often fading on the late rounds and they attributed it to Oscar’s age.

The question is if there is possibility for Oscar to suffer the same defeat as Jones have?.