French 19-year-old tennis star Tatiana Golovin may wear red panties when playing in Wimbledon, as this do not violate the existing “predominantly white rule” attire.

Tatiana Golovin wearing her lucky red underwear

Golovin went to court last week to contest a referee who found her in violation of  “predominantly white” dress code when she wore red underwear during a game.

Golovin wore the red underwear to court, and showed them to the judge, saying:

“They say red is the color that proves that you’re strong and you’re confident so I’m happy with my red knickers.”


A Wimbledon spokesperson said Golovin’s red panties were cleared with the referee in advance, and since they are underwear, “they do not need to conform to the predominantly white rule.”

So are they considered underwear and not shorts? The Wimbledon spokesperson said:

“If they are above the hemline they are deemed to be underwear and not shorts.”