Do you know what your kids are doing?

Two students of Tarlac State University were spotted petting in broad daylight in the presence of schoolchildren in Luisita Park, and the whole incident was recorded on video by somebody nearby, then posted on YouTube.

You will not see anything happening actually, until you focus your eyes on the guys’ right hand. A voiceover narration will help your imagination. The narrator says the male was slipping his hands under the coed’s skirt, his hands covered by a book.

The Luisita Park is located at the entrance of Hacienda Luisita. The park is a popular destination for students, as it’s located beside the Luisita Mall on McArthur Highway. Tarlac State University is a 15 minutes away by jeepney.

Pinoy spy “stacheldraht” says the guy is a 3rd year BS IM student while the girl is BS IT and a sorority member. (How do we gather these info? It’s a spy secret.)

I’m not sure until when this video is going to last on YouTube. Here is the link:

Those who love flagging videos on YouTube (YouTubers call them haters/losers/trolls) might find a dilemma here: How do you flag a video that does not show anything really offending. It’s your mind that’s really dirty, not the video.

As stated by a comment on YouTube:

Mga pare wag nyo masyadong gawing kontrobersyal ung ginawa nila. Mejo imposible naman yata yun. Oo nakapasok nga yung kamay pero halata namang hanggang legs lang! Wag tayo masyadong mga silaw. Para ganon lang! (Let’s not make a big fuss about what they were doing. What you are trying to imply is impossible. Yes, the guy’s hand was under her skirt but it was obvious that it was only up to her legs. Not a big deal!)

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Already, this is being called the Tarlac State University Scandal.

(Scandal Alert sent by: “stacheldraht” of the PinoySpy forum)